Anonymous: Can I have an imagine w/ Dana were we meet and he is really cocky and I don't like him at first but in the end he shows his real personality .? Please my name is Ali.

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Dana Imagine for Ali

       ”Finally! Some time to think by myself and get away from everything!” you thought as you casually strolled in your community park. There was a slight warm breeze that instantly made all the tension from your body loosen. You closed your eyes and tried to absorb as much vitamin c as you possibly could until you had to go back home. It was such nice weather and you couldn’t believe how perfect it was outside. You kept walking through the fields of tall, soft grass enjoying the peaceful feel of the plants tickling your legs. All of the sudden, you felt yourself bump into something that quickly ruined your fairytale like moment. 

       ”HEY! Please watch where you’re going! There would be so many girls who would die if some clumsy girl ruined a face as perfect as mine.” the stranger said, rubbing his face as if he were trying to comfort it. You raised your eyebrow to him, utterly confused as to how someone could have an ego this big. “Excuse me but YOU ran into ME. Now if you could excuse me, I have to leave. It’s almost time for me to get back home.” you said, with a quick spin on your heels. As you started to walk away, you felt something grab your arm and spin you around. 

       You were face to face with him and his beautiful, wait no decent, brown eyes. The breath you were about the breathe got caught in your throat as you stared at him. Was that your heart melting? It sure felt like it. “Come on, beautiful. I know you wantto spend more time with me. I mean, look at me. With a face and body like mine, no girl can resist! Am I right?” he smirked. HOW RUDE AND NARCISSISTIC. You glared at him until you felt like you got the point across. You started stomping across the field once again until the mysterious boy called out to you.

       ”Hey Ali! You forgot your phone!” he yelled. Oh, it must have fallen out when you bumped into him. When you finally retrieved it and started heading back home, again, he shouted at you once more. “By the way, my name is Dana! I’ll see you around!” How cocky! Who does he think he is, thinking you actually want to spend time with him! Right as you were about to turn the knob on your front door, a thought struck you. How did he know your name? You were so sure that you haven’t introduced yourself!
       With that, you quickly turned on your phone. Not only did he sneak his number into it, he actually had the guts to text you! You couldn’t help but to smile at his persistence, no matter how creepy it seemed. "Hey pretty girl. How about a date tomorrow night?" it read. Before you could respond back with a snarky remark, you received another text from him. “I know I don’t seem like the good kind of guy but just give me a chance? I’m a lot more than I seem on the outside and I’m sure you are too.” You couldn’t help but smile at this. Somehow, this did it and you and Dana made plans to hang out at the mall tomorrow. 

       You couldn’t help but feel excited for the date. When you finally arrived at the mall looking cute as heck, you walked to the book store where you both agreed to meet. Your heart sped up when you saw Dana standing in front of the candle section and grimacing as he smelled a not so pleasant one. You giggled slightly and walked up to him. “Hey Dana. Where do you want to go first?” you asked. His VERY brown and beautiful eyes lit up as he turned around and again, you couldn’t breathe. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lead to the coffee shop. After getting a frappuccino, you both walked hand in hand, laughing and talking about nothing important but still having a great time. 

       Turns out, Dana was actually very sweet and tended to act arrogant when he was nervous which was actually very cute. After a couple months of dating, you two decided to make it official. Sure you got a few hate messages here and there but they didn’t affect you as much as you thought they would. Most likely because of Dana’s never ending support and love. #Dali


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5er compliment day! (Inspired by masterofdalpuns)


So, I thought that masterofdalpuns had an amazing idea to compliment every 5er who reblogs this no matter how much we get! :) I really want to boost everyone’s self-esteem and confidence even if I don’t even know who you are or your story. Or even if I haven’t even spoken to you before, I still want to let you know that you are important and you’re worth it. :)

If I get on ask limit I’ll be inboxing you on this account —> everythingim5 Don’t worry it’ll be me :)

-Tiffani xx ♥

Some of you still don’t have your ask box open or your fan mail… :/ 

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I know you guys are waiting for like forever for the ships…..but I can’t finish them all….. Like it takes me 30 minutes+ for one ship, and I’m slowly running out of ideas…. :/ 

Ship for letmetakeyou-higher

Hello, sorry this took so long. xx

I ship you with this silly boy! 

How you met:

You walked down the aisle of your local grocery store, looking for boxed cake batter. You walked down the ‘Baking’ aisle and saw your item, you stood on your tiptoes, because it was so far up. You stretched out your arms and wiggled your fingers to try to get the box.

 ”Do you need help?” You heard someone chuckle behind you.

 You turned are startled nearly falling. The boy caught you just before you crashed on the ground, “Are you okay?!” You looked up at the boy and blushed.

 ”Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.” You said standing up and brushed yourself off.

 ”Sorry about that, do you need help?” The boy asked again gesturing to the cake box.

 ”Um, yeah. Thanks…..again.” You said awkwardly.

 He laughed and easily took the box in his hands, “No problem, here.” He said handing you the box, “I’m Will by the way.”

 You took the box and put it into your basket, “I’m Y/N,” You smiled.

 ”Well hello, Y/N. You like baking too??” Will asked walking with you down the aisle.

 ”Yeah, I do.” you smiled gesturing to all the baking products in your basket.

 Will laughed and looked over at you, “Me too. How about you give me your number and we can bake together some day? Cupcakes are my favorite.”

 You smiled at him and gave him your number, “Sounds like a plan.”

Cute Couple Moment:

You yelled as Will wiped frosting on your nose, you scrunched up your nose and chased after Will laughing. “Will Jay Behlendorf! You’re gonna regret that!!”

 You took the whip cream bottle and sprayed aimlessly, “Y/N!!! Don’t do that, you’re making a mess!”

 ”Like you aren’t!” You laughed. Will laughed with you and hugged you. He pulled away and looked into your eyes and kissed your nose where the frosting was. You scrunched up your nose and smiled. “I love you Will.”

 ”I love you most.”

Future Scenario:

You and Will walked hand in hand together on the beach with the water slightly brushing past your feet. You rested your head on Will’s arm and sighed admiring the sunset. 

 ”I love you Y/N, more than anything.” You smiled and took in everything, “I love you too Will.”

 I hope you liked that! xx 

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